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Welcome to Knowledge Transfer Associates – we are a leading Knowledge Transfer & Work-Based Learning (WBL) Consultancy, working with organisations and institutions who want to improve their abilities and resources in these areas. We operate in the Higher Education sector, at both under-graduate and post-graduate level. Our Consultants are all specialists in a variety of professional Engineering disciplines across all Industry Sectors including Mechanical, IT Systems, Electrical and Electronics. We focus mainly on the Oil & Gas Industry, where we work with major Multi-National organisations around the world. Our Consultants have all held senior positions in Business and Education before becoming one of our Associates. 

We have a unique and particular strength in supporting  WBL programmes (such as the MSc Professional Engineering programme) both here in the UK and abroad. Our Associates operate as Professional Supervisors & Mentors for these new types of programmes specifically designed for people wishing to obtain the Masters Level learning required to become UK Chartered Engineers. Currently in we are supporting these Programmes in the UK, Angola, Indonesia, and Azerbaijan. We regularly visit the programme participants (usually senior Engineers) in their home environment, and mentor their progress. We now have many graduates who have also qualified as Chartered Engineers.

Next year we hope to be expanding our activities into new regions. The rest of this site will tell you more about what we do, and the services we can offer, but for any more direct information please
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